2. 1 Jonathan; 2 Fabian; 3 Lisa Marie; 4 Saphira; 5 Lisa; 6 Faye; 7 Jenna; 8 Luca, Lara; 9 Tobias; 10 Nele; 11 Hanna; 12 Celine; 13 Louisa; 14 Moritz; 15 Meret; 16 Kai; 17 Jona; 18 Zoe; 19 Adrian; Jonathan. (Yes) Yes, he can. _____ No, they aren`t watching TV now. Startseite; Kurse; SEK 1 Englisch 2. Can Casey catch a mouse? Download PDF and more English learning materials for kids http://bit.ly/eliclasskidsFull English course for children - Gogo Lessons! Englisch - INTERAKTIVE ÜBUNGEN - GRAMMAR 2.Klasse. Useful sentences Numbers 11 - 20 Numbers Unit 1 listening 1 listening and writing 2 writing 1 writing 2 (Lückentext) New Inspiration 3 Unit 1 TURNING POINTS. Kursthemen. Nachrichtenforum für Fragen an die Lehrperson . Allgemeines. _____ Yes, my brother has got a computer. 1 Nice to meet you! (Write about 200 words) Inhaltsverzeichnis. We went by train and watched the film ,,The Lego Movie’’ in the cinema. < CFS T-Klassen‎ | Klasse 7c 2018-2019/Englisch‎ | Unit 2‎ | p.38. Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Sam´s and Daisy´s father has got a biro. Aus Projektwiki - ein Wiki mit Schülern für Schüler. 6. Start studying Klasse 7 // Lighthouse 3 Unit 1: Focus on language, pg.190-191. Don't the river! I read a lot. Présentation; La fiche Personelle; La famille; Au téléphone: façon de parler; Les professions; Les mois de l'année; Mots divers; Tous les mots ; Envol 7 Unité 2. Envol 7 Unité 2. Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche. (to shine) Answer: The sun is shining now. She told her dad and her family to s_____. ENGLISCH. Startseite; Kurse; Englisch 1. 1. 4) Susan didn’t like the sports activities they did there. Are you from England? (Yes) Yes, she has. Dan has got a football in his room. 3. Envol 7 Unité 3. 4. Klasse; Englisch; Voci New Inspiration 2; 7. Have the Camerons got a B & B? < CFS T-Klassen‎ | Klasse 7a 2017-2018‎ | Englisch‎ | Unit 1. (fallen) (in) I have a nice . Tenses in English, statements - free Exercise, Mix - Learn Online. Has David got a sister? They climed and played in the trees. Geography Link/URL. 13.3 words unit 13 - (crossword puzzle) 13.3 phrases unit 13 - Click => next exercise! Nachrichtenforum für Fragen an die Lehrperson. My usual marks were As and Bs, so my parents were proud of me. 10 At a restaurant Mein persönliches Lerntagebuch Journal. Kursthemen. 4.4 hear - listen? It‘s riding. SEK 1 Englisch 3. 4.5 Shaun the sheep - Fill in the English Past Forms! Has Aretha got a brother? 2) She didn’t like going to many museums in Italy. Vacances et voyages; La journée; A la mer; En vacances; Les verbes de la gare; Les jours de la semaine; Mots divers; Tous les mots; Envol 7 Unité 3. I (think) I (do) one unit every week. And I (begin / already) to read the texts in my English textbooks again. 3) In Wales she went on an adventure holiday. Is Aretha from Germany? If I (pass) my exams successfully, I (start) an apprenticeship in September. Klasse; Englisch; Voci New Inspiration 3; Englisch. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues! Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for … Wales - 17:45 Link/URL. Kursthemen. Klasse. The cats have got two little beds. Allgemeines. English-Chat. Listen to the phone numbers and write them on a piece of paper! SEK 1 Englisch 2. Klasse; Sie betrachten diesen Kurs gerade als Gast. Englisch-Diskussionsforum. UNIT 12 12.1 words unit 12 (crossword puzzle) 12.2 What´s the time? English-Chat. Who wants to be a millionaire? You can also click on the "[?]" Klasse / Englisch. Kursthemen _ ENGLISCH. 4.3 look - see - watch? Try it out! Parley Vocabulary Files . 7 How well do you know London? Klasse. Englisch Klasse 5 Unit 1 mit 5 LektionenVersion 5. Klasse. 7) the tree. Klasse; Sie betrachten diesen Kurs gerade als Gast. Reading + Listening vertieft Link/URL. Mein persönliches Lerntagebuch Journal. Allgemeines. Menu. _____ Yes, I like partys very much. 5) The adventure holiday was for kids from 12 – 15. Startseite; Kurse; Englisch 4. Example: The sun now. Klasse; Sie betrachten diesen Kurs gerade als Gast. (No) No, he can't. My exam (be) on 15 May, so there (not / be) any time to be lost. (pages 10–11) Lesson 2 - You're standing on my foot! Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche. Klasse. GRAMMAR 2. Startseite; Kurse; Englisch 3. - 9. Englisch-hilfen.de/ Tenses in English, Statements – Exercise 2. Link/URL. New Inspiration 2 Unit 1 Making Friends. You and Me Unit 1 – 9 6 Hedwig Abraham www.viennatouristguide.at Beschreibe einen Tag in Toms Leben. Lernkurs. English Tenses . Klasse / Englisch / Monat April. _____ Yes, our teachers are very nice. GRAMMAR 1. Klasse. First I have to get my horse ready. < CFS T-Klassen‎ | Klasse 7c 2018-2019/Englisch‎ | Unit 2‎ | practice. Fragen bilden . 4. At the moment I (revise) English grammar. My favourite subject was geography. Envol 7 Unité 1. UNIT 11 11.1 numbers 11.2 shopping dialogue 1 2 3 Klasse . Watch Queue Queue _____ No, my brother can`t play football. 7. Envol 7 Unité 1. Zoo. Klasse. Klassenarbeit mit Musterlösung zu Grammatik [Englisch 5], Sich kennenlernen; Uhrzeit; Forms of (to) be. UNIT 1 - Урок 2 - Тексты для аудирования к рабочей тетради . Klassenarbeit mit Musterlösung zu Vokabeln Englisch 5, Farben; Zahlen; Uhrzeit; Gegenteil; Grundwortschatz; Schule. Emilie . 7. 4. 1. Korrekturen und Anmerkungen bitte hier melden. 3. 1) Find the right word. Task No. Are you all in class 5b? This is the first unit of our lower-intermediate course - so we'll go easy on you. … 3. Korrekturen und Anmerkungen bitte hier melden. Can my friend Casey drive a London bus? 4433. Klasse. 9 Get a set of headphones and practise listening! Check out p. 25 no. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. < CFS T-Klassen‎ | Klasse 7d 2018-2019/Englisch. Unit 7 – Sherlock Groans. Who wants to be a millionaire? Watch Queue Queue. Speaker 1. Inhaltsverzeichnis. Nachrichtenforum für Fragen an die Lehrperson . Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche. 5. 9 on how to structure your text. RADIO IN ENGLISH Link/URL. ENGLISCH. Mein persönliches Lerntagebuch Journal. We TV when it started to rain. Session 1 Saying hello. Lesson 1 - How are you feeling? Mein persönliches Lerntagebuch Journal. Tenses (Zeiten) Am-IS-ARE Link/URL. Klasse. Klasse. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. She has got a little brother. Write down what you can see on the photos on pp. Nachrichtenforum für Fragen an die Lehrperson . KIDS Link/URL. Have a look at The Official Guide to New York for ideas! 1) Susan went to Wales with her parents and then she went to Spain. 4.6 Past Tense - negation and questions 4.7 one - ones - why - because? reading + listening grundlegend Link/URL. Klassenarbeit - Vokabeln zoo; Sätze übersetzen; Essen. We have got two books on the table. Englisch - INTERAKTIVE ÜBUNGEN - GRAMMAR 1.Klasse. 8/9 (photos I to R). Write down numbers 1-20 on a paper and note the letters. Then she moved on to the animals. 1) Write the questions. - 9. button to get a clue. (Regenschirm) He falls [?] I go every wednesday to the equestrian farm opposite to my house (for 10 years) , to have there my riding lesson. I was a fairly good pupil at school. (pages 10-11) Lesson 2 - Why didn't I enjoy it more? SEK 1 Englisch 4. < CFS T-Klassen‎ | Klasse 7a 2017-2018‎ | Englisch‎ | Unit 1. 7. 1. 2. Open unit selector Close unit selector Unit 7 The Titanic. SEK 1 Englisch 1. New Inspiration 2 Unit 1 Making Friends . I want to talk about my favourite hobby. It was easy for me to learn and I was interested in the things my teachers told us in class. ENGLISCH. English-Chat. Klasse. Do you need help? (No) No, she isn't. Check your answers at the end of the quiz. Have you got a pond in the garden? (No) No, I'm not.. 6. S.38 Nr.2 A very nice film by Luis Metternich Two years ago, I went to the cinema with my friend, my sister, my mum, the sister of my friend and the mother of my friend. 6) They had parties with candles and cakes at night. 2. UNIT 4 4.1 should - shouldn´t - match the sentences 4.2 should - shouldn´t - find sentences! Unit 4 - Unit Test: Anhand einer spannenden Geschichte im kostenlosen Online-Sprachkurs Schritt für Schritt Englisch lernen - Englisch Lernen Online. Now I (have) much more fun learning English than I (have) before the course. (aus) I am [?]. English-Chat. August 31, 2018. homework: Finish the vocabulary list in your table with the words from pages 173/174 and learn the new words. Klassenarbeit - Grammatik Fragen bilden; Datum; Uhrzeit; Present Progressive; Diktat. - 9. 7. 8 Do you know the story in Unit 1? Luis . Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche. (No) No, they haven't. New Inspiration 3 Unit 1 TURNING POINTS. Select a unit. Pronouns. When Anna went to the zoo, she wanted to film everything with her new _____. The _____ were very funny. Weiter zum Inhalt. 5. Klasse; Sie betrachten diesen Kurs gerade als Gast. Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche. x7 Uhr aufwachen, 8 aufstehen, 8 Uhr frühstücken, 10 vor 9 in die Schule gehen, 10 Schule beginnt, um 1 Uhr nach Hause kommen, 2 Haus übung machen, 4 mit der Mutter spielen, 6 essen, 7.20 fernsehen, 10 nach 9 ins Bett gehen Аудиозапись № 1. Check with this Quiz! Lesson 1 - Do you really speak Chinese? Write the questions. Put in the verbs in brackets in the correct tenses. This video is unavailable. Show example. 1.